Lifeboats Olympic Challenge – Week 1

15 Oct

320 down… 12,631 to go!

I’m now one week into my Olympic swim challenge in aid of the Lifeboat Fund, and so far, so good.  Over the course of the 42 weeks (now 41) between now and the Olympics I need to average around 4.8 miles a week (or 7,709m/308 lengths).  As you can see from the pic of my progress board I have up at work, I’ve totalled 320 lengths – so in fact I’m a little up.  Check my virtual route map to see where along the coast I am now!

This week has been a good demonstration of why this challenge is a real challenge – towards the end of the week the energy levels were a bit low and the thought of a half or 3/4 mile seemed quite enticing.  Maybe with a coach on the side of the deck pushing me on it would be different, but I have only myself and the thought of all the great work of the RNLI to keep me going.  But I will get there, have no doubt!

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