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Lifeboat Olympic Challenge – Week 6

21 Nov

imageDon’t worry people, despite my lack of an update last week I’m still swimming towards my target!

First off, big thank yous to Ros, Peter and David for their generous donations – total is now up to £175!

I realised a very valuable thing just this week – sometimes you need to take a step back to move a few steps forward. I’ve been very focussed on interval training (typically I’ll do 8 x 200m, with ~25sec rests) and the odd non-stop mile, but little to no technique work. As we know, swimming is a very technique based sport so it’s really important to maintain that.

On Wednesday I decided to just swim an easy mile without my Tempo Trainer, focussing entirely on technique (drills work just as well here). The main thing I found was that I’d slipped back into not rolling enough to be able to utilise my larger pecs and lats for the pull. If you’re not using these then you’re using smaller muscles that just won’t give you enough power or last as long.

Sure enough, once I’d refreshed that part of my technique the times I’d been struggling with the week before were easy. In my interval set on Friday I had my tempo set on 24.25 secs a length, but was actually able to do 24 secs consistently for the 8 sets. Here’s the thing – if I can manage 24.25 secs over 64 lengths, I’ll be into the 25 mins. Pretty crazy considering my goal this year was to complete a mile in under 30mins (open water admittedly)!!

So what do you think – into the 25s by Xmas?


Lifeboats Swim – Wk 4: Welcome to Miami!

7 Nov

Miami Beach, Sutton-on-Sea that is.

4 weeks down and 20 miles (1,296 lengths) complete – phew!.  That’s just a tenth of the total done but I’m well on my way as you can see from my virtual route map.  My challenge has now been advertised in a department-wide bulletin at work to senior staff , by fellow swimmers at my pool and also by my good friend DJ Einstein from the hip-hop group Ugly Duckling – thanks to Jon, Jamie and Rod for their help.

The fund-raising is going well and with thanks to some generous donations this week from Jon, Rob and Sally at work we’re now up to £112!  Here’s that justgiving link again:

Right, off to swim another mile…

P.S. I know I said this blog was going to feature gadget reviews and I promise one is on the way soon!

Lifeboats Olympic Challenge – Week 3

1 Nov



First off: Happy Hallowe’en! Happy Día de los Muertos!

Bit late my update this time around – it’s been a pretty busy weekend at my house, as you can see from here!

So week 3 down and another 5 miles logged. I had to get a few extra laps banked early in the week as I went to hang out with one of my favourite bands, Ugly Duckling, Wednesday night and was anticipating being a little worse for wear the day after. I was not wrong.

Still, it’s been a good week and yet another PB set: a mile in 26.44.  At this rate I might be in the 25s by xmas…

On the sponsor side I need to thank Jonathan Stones at DH who has not only donated, but also helped with promoting my challenge – thanks Jonathan!