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Can I swim the channel in a week?

2 Mar

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No, I don’t mean I’m thinking of swimming the channel in a week’s time – I’d be sliiightly under prepared if I did – rather that I’m wondering if I can complete the distance (22 miles) in the pool (1408 lengths) by the end of next week.

My local pool is hosting a challenge where swimmers can log the miles they swim between now and August, towards the goal of 22 miles. Apparently there are prizes, but I don’t know what yet. Of course, as soon my ‘stealth competitive’ side heard this (this is the side of me that likes racing people in the pool whilst they’re unaware that we’re racing) it perked right up. Swim the channel? Against elderly breaststrokers? Let’s obliterate theeeem!! (Don’t ask me where this comes from, I’m not particularly proud of it. Maybe I’m an attention seeker.)

Anyway, I’ll need to complete 260 lengths a day for 5 days, to add to the 112 I did today (I’ll most certainly be including my warm-ups and cool-downs, which I don’t count for my Lifeboat Challenge).

Think I can do it?

(Oh, BTW, completed mile 105 today)