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Your starter for 10: Open water swimming tips? Here are mine.

22 Sep

Photo by Stuart Grout

Over the events I’ve done there are little tips that I’ve picked up, some more obvious than others, but I thought it worth mentioning here in case it helps anyone else (it’s certainly not an exhaustive list):

  • The Morrison’s bag trick – to help get your hands/feet into your wetsuit more easily put a carrier bag over them first
  • Don’t tuck your timing chip under your wetsuit – it might stop it working properly
  • Allow plenty of time to put your wetsuit on – better to be ready early than in a panic
  • Use Bodyglide on your neck – it’ll stop your wetsuit giving you an owie (as Ralphie would say)
  • The best way to acclimatise to the water is to splash it on your face (or bob under) for 10 seconds
  • If you’re wearing your goggles over your cap, make sure the edges of the cap aren’t caught under them – it’s easily done
  • Be in the right part of your wave – faster swimmers at the front, slower one’s are best at the back and to the sides – trust me, you don’t want to get swum over!
  • Look at the course beforehand and count the number of buoys – this will help if you’re not as good at sighting (like me!)
  • Take it easy at the start!  There’s plenty of time to speed up
  • When you’re coming to the finish, put a bit more into your kick – it’ll help the blood flow to your legs and prevent you staggering like a complete drunkard at the finish
  • Enjoy it and plan your next one!!

Feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments.

I hope these have been of some use and you have a great swim!