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Tiiiime, is on my side. Yuues it is

20 Sep

Photo by WWarby

I have to admit, I’m a *bit* of a sucker for stats and the like (right, I’m not going to apologise for being a geek any longer).  I’m sure I’m not alone when it comes to the time sheets – after all, timing yourself is the easiest way to measure your progression.  Of course, it means a bit more when you’re pool swimming, since in open water conditions on the day can vary wildly from one season to the next (or even one hour to the next).  Still, timings can still be a useful tool.

As an illustration (and to document where I’ve got to so far), I’m going to list the open water events I’ve done thus far:

  • Great North Swim 2009 (1 mile, lake):  38.40 (breaststroke only)
  • Great London Swim 2010 (1 mile, dock):  36.28
  • Great Salford Swim 2010 (1 mile, dock):  34.28
  • Great Salford Swim 2011 (1 mile, dock):  29.55
  • Great North Swim 2011 (1 mile, lake):  29.49
  • Great London Swim 2011 (1 mile, dock):  29.52
  • International Birdman Swim (2km, sea):  29.17
  • Henley-on-Thames River Swim (1.5km):  27.40
  • WWF Blue Mile swim (1 mile, reservoir):  29.25
  • RNLI Swim Series, Dorney (1 mile, lake):  ?

As you can see, quite a massive difference between seasons, but for those first few Great Swims this year I was only just dipping under 30 mins.   Still, given that the goal I had set myself this year was to swim under 30 mins by the END of the season, I’m pretty pleased with myself.  I can’t really count the Henley swim in this as it was a shorter distance, and the Birdman swim was obviously massively current assisted, but knocking almost 25 secs off my previous best at the WWF swim was good (I think better sighting helped a lot there).

So, the Dorney Lake swim is this Sunday – can I end the season on a PB?!


It’s all for charidee, mate

17 Sep

WWF Blue Mile Swim - 4th Sept 2011

Back in 2009 when I took part in my first open water event, the Great North Swim, it was a perfect opportunity to raise some money for charity.  In the end our team raised over £1000 for Marie Curie Cancer Care.  This year, since I had entered 7 events I thought it would be another great chance.  I already make donations to the World Wildlife Fund UK so made that my charity of choice for the season.  This is their mission in their own words:

As part of the international WWF network, WWF-UK addresses global threats to people and nature such as climate change, the peril to endangered species and habitats, and the unsustainable consumption of the world’s natural resources. We do this by influencing how governments, businesses and people think, learn and act in relation to the world around us, and by working with local communities to improve their livelihoods and the environment upon which we all depend.
WWF uses its practical experience, knowledge and credibility to create long-term solutions for the planet’s environment.

A very worthy cause I’m sure you’ll agree.  Unless you happen to live on the moon.

My latest swim (review to come) was actually an event organised by WWF-UK themselves – The WWF Blue Mile.  This one was all about raising funds for their work protecting our rivers and seas – if you’re interested in swimming, and since you’re reading this I’m guessing you are, then you’ll know how important this is.

Now that I’ve said my piece, should you wish to support this worthy cause (ie, the planet), just click on the justgiving link next to my picture.  Or click here.

Chug over and out.